Monday, June 06, 2005

X & Y

So far on this blog I have managed to pretend to be a motorsport journalist, current affairs reporter, travel writer, fundy theologian...and now, for the first time, music critic. Yippee! So, you now have a whole new dimension of me to enjoy, all you blog readers (and you both know who you are).

But first, family news. Naomi was doing a project the other day, where she had to "interview" 3 people about her favourite subject. Since her favourite subject at the moment is "harrassing Dad to within an inch of his sanity for a Guinea Pig and talking so incessantly about Guinea Pigs that he starts having nightmares about them", she formulated her line of questioning. She then chose myself, Sharon and Sam to interview. The project was to draw pictures representing each person interviewed and put their answers in a little speech bubble.

Her question went "What do you think about keeping and maintaining Guinea Pigs?". When she asked Sam, he said "They eat carrots".

Whilst she was impressed with his insights into the dietary habits of vermin, she did note in her final presentation that he was watching television at the time, hence probably wasn't affording her the attention neccessary for her project. She asked him later when he was more attentive, although I cannot recall the exact answer because the carrot one is still pure gold in my mind.

So, Naomi's final presentation contained two Sams, "TV Sam" and "Attentive Sam", and the illustrations were detailed, right down to "TV Sam's" eyes-as-big-as-dinner-plates.

She's sharp, that girl!! Truly I say unto thee, she is my daughter.

A Guinea Pig. Yesterday.

Now, the music section; Coldplay released X & Y yesterday. It's the long awaited new release after the chartbusting Rush of Blood to the Head. Okay, there's record company promo speak. I enjoy melancholy pop music (some call it "depressing" but that could only be said by someone who has never really been depressed) and Coldplay are one of the most progressive and melodious pop bands of the minute.

Although, I should really refrain from using buzzwords like "progressive". That categorises them too much. My brother, who is a bit of a genius muso (he has initials after his name) uses the term "Progressive Rock" very specifically, so this may be the incorrect category for Coldplay. If he or any other muso type person would like to clarify whether Coldplay can be classed as "progressive rock" I really am very curious to know.

I digress (gasp!). So, get ready folks...the literary genius of Paddy McAthertoon is about to lay his wordsmith hands upon the fine art of music critique-ing. Here goes.

Coldplay's new album is called X & Y. It's got some really good songs in it.


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