Thursday, June 09, 2005

So that's it then, it's settled

Following on from my earlier post, the eerie silence continues, only this time we now own another house. So maybe I didn't jinx the whole thing by saying NOTHING would go wrong. Nothing, actually, has gone wrong. Isn't that funny? The only thing that could possibly be considered to have gone wrong is that the beautiful golden labrador pup Benson did not come with the house.

Although I don't think our freaky cat Molly would have liked him. Molly is a particularly grumpy freaky cat at the moment, because she is wearing one of those anti-scratch collars which gives her the appearance of something you could place atop your TV to get better reception on SBS.

So maybe the lack of dog was for the best. Which means, most definitely nothing went wrong.

Not only did nothing go wrong, it gets better. Our new next door neighbour builds fibreglass sports cars. So, nothing went wrong, AND I have a neighbour who is into stuff that sounds rather similar to the kind of stuff I'm into. And, according to Sharon, he seems like a nice bloke. Both of these things are important. Because, after all, everybody needs good neighbours.

So there you go. Nothing has gone wrong. Absolutely nothing. And it continues to do so. Aaaaah. Satisfied sigh of relief.

WHY AM I SO CURSED???????????

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