Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Send money

Well, we're all moved in now. What's more, we're also moved out. Rather than have an instant transfer we decided, what with being old and lazy, that it was better to overlap the renting and the buying by 10 days or so and take our sweet time.

And it still wasn't enough!!

In case you've forgotten, this is what our new house looks like. Except now it's messy

But, praise the Big Guy we are mostly settled in and now just have to find the boxes in which we packed those things like vital pieces of software, cutlery and bedding and various things that help us make food. However, I can report with great relief that the TV, DVD and VCR are all connected and fully operational and, I say whilst fighting back tears of joy...

We have crystal-clear SBS and even Channel 31 !!

It must be because there is something on our roof that looks like it is searching for extra terrestrial intelligence. Check it out in the photo. Anyway, I am so much happier and feel totally fulfilled and complete.

Man, I had no idea Channel 31 had so much crap.

The only thing unsettled is the news of the final inspection of the rental (I steam cleaned the carpets and still couldn't get rid of the baby stains). So, I may have been right to suspect that our bond money will become as extinct as Origin Of The Species.

Never mind, any money we do get back will be a bonus and I will do something stupid like buy a digital camera. Or an orbital sander.

Thanks to Seb and Mike and Libby for coming to help us move stuff. Those that offered to help but couldn't, I forgive you. Especially those who couldn't on account of the fact that they are 750 kilometres away. That's fair enough. I accepted that excuse along with "I am dead" or "I have no arms and legs"

Now those privaleged of you may have received an email from me with our new address and phone number (for the last time STOP asking "why didn't you keep the old one?"...I forgot, OK??!). Obviously I will not post them here, just in case along with my loyal readership of three or four my blog is also viewed by pathological ice-pick weilding killers or disgruntled Dan Brown fans. Just drop me an email and I'll send the details along with a stamped, self addressed envelope and an autographed picture of me in my kart.

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