Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Poor Santa. Poor, fat, unhealthy, evil Santa...

From the same university which brought you bogus speed-kills road safety data and climate change alarmism, now this startling expose on Santa Claus.

Monash uni boffin Nathan Grills is concerned that Santa encourages, among other things, obesity, smoking, alcoholism, sloth, lack of hygiene and drink driving. In other words, he is too politically incorrect and must change his ways, or go.

None of this bothers me much since, as a family, we don't do Santa Claus, so to speak.

What is a little disturbing is that a publicly funded university pays a professor to analyse the vices of someone who doesn't exist.

First Global Climate Warming Change alarmism, and now this. Do we need any more proof that research departments should stop receiving all that juicy taxpayer funding?

If they must harass Santa Claus, why can't scientists stop being such killjoys and spend more time coming up with stuff like this. I'm prepared to believe in a Santa who's arrival is accompanied by a thermonuclear explosion. BOOM! Merry Christmas, all.


Sunday, December 06, 2009

So you think you can wear pink gloves

When I first saw this slightly cheesy but cute dance-off, something struck me.

Sure, it's important to raise awareness about breast cancer. But what I really love about this, is that it proves something I've always believed: Real people are so much more interesting and beautiful than celebrities.


A warming poem

From the brilliant Tim Blair, whose readers are possibly more brilliant:

Lyle’s History of Global Warming:

Ah, looking back, I have to smile,
When I was but a little Lyle
In summer, and I used at play
In gentle Narragansett Bay.

Then panic grabbed ahold of me
When suddenly I had to pee
And to my shame, I now admit,
I warmed the ocean, just a bit.

That reckless moment, I suspect,
Set off a domino effect;
And here’s a fact I now must face:
I have destroyed the human race.

And so I must apologize
As all life on this planet dies,
I’m sorry, I was only three
And really, really had to pee.