Thursday, May 05, 2005

So who's the Sigmund Freud??

So in the last post I bare my heart in a self-insightful manner and mention psychology. No sooner than this happens I then see that a certain person and/or people, going only by the name "pom", have been posting comments on my blog of a very over-analytical nature.

Perhaps you fancy yourself as some kind of new-age Freud, where you think every comment that I make is an expression of my repressed lust (towards my mother) and rage (also towards my mother) causing massive internal conflict.

A slightly grumpy-looking, repressed idiot thinking about doing naughty things to his mum

This "pom" (if that is your real name), seems to think they know just about everything about my own, delicate and complex nature. Well, whoever you are (actually I know exactly who you are but am feigning ignorance for the sake of humour) perhaps you never made it into university to complete your bachelor of arts. Therefore you are attempting, rather feebly, to atone for that, by fabricating some well-written but completely erroneous speculation about my inner motivations.

In other words...stop it David, making smartarse and meaningless jibes is my job. But thanks for reading my blog. You are number 4!!!!

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