Wednesday, May 04, 2005

"Sanny Day(s), where have you gone"...

Hello loyal blogwatchers. There was an episode of "Friends" once where Phoebe dated this psychologist and everybody hated him because he over analysed everybody negatively (by the way I am in no way confessing to being a "Friends" fan. Sharon watches it and I join her only out of love and loyalty to her, and because she is always saying we should do stuff together). ANYWAY, in this episode the psychologist says to Chandler (who is always being funny) "I Love the way you find humour and fun in everything. I'd just hate to be there when the laughter stops". This was an indictment on how people who are always displaying a sense of humour tend to be covering up their deep dark depressed insides.

My point?? Well, that little nerd psychologist looked right into my soul and described me exactly. Well, that would be so were he not just a fictional character. But still...

For me the laughing stops for a moment while I wait to hear more news of a dear friend from Germany, who is having some tests done on what appears to be a nasty illness. I shouldn't panic or get over worried. But it's bad enough that we have lost no less than four close family friends to serious illness since we moved to Melbourne. I don't have a big family. "Family friends" are like family. They're the ones we choose ;-)

This is extra tricky to deal with because she is so far away, a problem for a control freak like me.

She is a delightfully cheerful, extroverted, friendly and kind hearted charmer from the gang we met 18 months ago. We are avid penpals. This weekend 7th May she competes in her beloved showjumping comps in Saxony.

If you're reading this Claudi, good rock.

For those of you that way inclined please pray for Claudia. Because I always say, praying cannot hurt. Those who aren't that way inclined, that's okay. Just do nothing. But I do greatly appreciate those who called, emailed, smoke signalled etc and said "hope everything goes okay for your friend Claudia". That helps too. Well, it helps me!!

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