Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Important News!! Read immediately!!

Finally!! The moment I've been waiting for!! Life is complete!!

That's right. Coldplay have released their new single Speed of Sound.

Until three weeks ago I didn't even know they were doing new stuff until I heard somebody mention it. So I have had to cram almost two years worth of breathless anticipation into three weeks. And that's not easy.

So...I pre-booked for the single, which means you get a phone call as soon as the record store opens the crate of newly-arrived CD's. But for some reason the record store didn't call me as promised. They said it was because "some of the singles came in late". I think a better explanation would be "We are staffed by pimply, pre-pubescent teenagers whose musical appreciation is as immature as their customer service"

Coldplay. With hair.

So, finally, I got it and listened to it. Well, it proves that sometimes the anticipation is better than the event. It sounds a bit too much like Clocks. But it grows on you with it's typically Coldplay-style poignancy and almost U2- like sound. There, that's my music review for the century. Hope you liked it. I don't think that will appear on their next album cover.

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