Thursday, October 22, 2009

Aussie F1 ace Webber slams vertically challenged people

Yes this is petty but very effective example of why I hate most newsmedia.

Here's a headline from the Sydney Morning Herald: Casey Stoner quick to criticise circuit after slick effort , with an opening claim that Stoner took a "swipe at the condition of the track".

Those not sophisticated enough to read past the sound-byte will think that this great Aussie World Champion comes to his home event and does nothing but whinge that the circuit is rubbish, the corners all go the wrong way, it's too far from anything, the flag marshalls are all ugly and the toilets aren't clean.

Note to SMH journalist Martin Boulton: Either you learn your subject, such as how racing drivers or riders always criticise a racetracks' early lack of grip, and this is perfectly normal... or stick to something that you're good at, like busting a footy player getting drunk, or something.

And the stones in the sandtraps are too big and cause ouchies..

So, congratulations to Casey Stoner and Mark Webber for breaking an Aussie drought in world motorsport, all in one weekend.

Although I do hope the Sydney Morning Herald don't catch wind of Webber's post-race press comments, when asked about his fuel strategy; "I knew that Barrichello ...was a bit shorter than me..."

Please, Mark. We know you're a lanky guy but go easy on the dwarfist comments. Rubens is shorter than just about everybody.


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