Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cliches accidentally merged creatively with other cliches #1

"We'll burn that bridge when we come to it"
-somebody or other

I had to share that. In other news, the bride and I traveled to sunny Whyalla recently to investigate our "Spec home". For the uninitiated, we purchased a reddish coloured block of land in mining-boomtown Whyalla to build a new house, and rake in all the profits of capital gain, negative gearing and carbon trading* before the Gum-mint changes it all and steals our hard-earned money.

Unfortunately most of the builders who set up in blossoming Whyalla forgot to bring some semi-vital services, such as bricklayers, carpenters, roofing people, plumbers, electricians and telephone sanitisers. You know, the kind of people who come in handy when you want to build a house and can't do it yourself because you live too far away.

So we headed up north to see if being in the same town as the builder for a few days might spur them into action. It kinda worked. We feared the boomtown had become a ghost town on the Monday, before remembering that rural South Aussies do take their time getting to work at the beginning of the week.

Despite the house not being finished, beloved bride saw positives. Whilst hanging curtains she noted that the rudimentary state of the interior helped us become more detatched to the newness of the place, knowing that we would never live in it.

She was right. It would have been even better if that state of detatchment could have produced an extra 5K to pay the massive mortgage whilst vacant. We still await the builder to finish, some public services to be connected, property management appraisals, and all the rest.

But I guess we'll burn those bridges we we come to them.

*I wish


...and after (spreading 400 sqm of mulch bark with nothing but a shovel. Never again. Ever.)

The reserve over the back fence is currently around 150,000 acres

A heavy roller would have been better, but less likely to get us home afterwards


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