Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some "P" words

This is not about politics, this is about principle.

Just when I thought the pop culture savagery of Sarah Palin would subside after Obama's success. Good thing I never watch David Letterman. Pity 25+ million Americans do.

The columnist writing about this latest low-brow excuse for comedy, makes the following observation:

...the surest way to have good people say cruel things (is) to bury them in a crowd.

Politics don't matter. Principle matters. Step out from the crowd.

An update:

Interesting that she prefers to talk about the fact that she has her finger on solving 80% of North America's energy problems, but CBS just want to ask her about smut. Still, it was articulately handled. Somebody tell me again why she is regarded in pop culture narrative as an embarrassing fool?

It bears repeating; time to turn down the pop culture influence in your life. Or turn it off altogether.


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