Thursday, June 11, 2009

Scary Washing Machine update

The scary washing machine guy (see below) has generated over 200,000 hits on the original ad listing, received over 700 questions (including around 20 marriage proposals), is auctioning off his dinosaur pictures for charity (over $1,000 already), has a fan page on facebook (over 3,000 one of them), and is appearing on a prime time NZ current affairs show tonight.

Please, no jokes about what's considered newsworthy in NZ. This guy actually deserves the attention. Nice to see true talent being recognised, since there's so little of it on TV.

Oh, and the bidding for his cruddy old Fisher and Paykel is up to $275.

NZ dollars, but still...

UPDATE: 14th June- Bidding for the washing machine is over $2600, along with this memorable Q&A, amongst hundreds of others:

Q: I think when Trademe unplugs this auction, the whole Auckland would have a power surge & all eletrical appliances has gone POPCORNS !
You were doing really well right up to the end bit there when the Tuoretts kicked in but you have a the makings of a valid point


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