Thursday, March 05, 2009

I like Coldplay because I'm not cool. (!)

I heard a very deep saying the other day: "Does someone steal a car because they're a car thief, or are they a car thief because they steal cars?". Hmm.

No, I'm not really sure what the point was either but I think I can paraphrase it thus:

Do I like Coldplay because I'm not cool, or am I not cool because I like Coldplay?

If you're wondering about what I really think of stardom, popularity and general fashionableness, see my previous post. But there can exist a sub-culture within the subculture where it can actually be truly cool to be fashionable in a way that doesn't appear fashionable. Or not.

Okay I'm not making any sense. Let's just say I'm glad I'm not cool. The more I read fashionable, wordy underground blather about how much Coldplay suck, the more well-adjusted I become. Here's an article called Why I don't hate Coldplay which explains it more clearly, and will probably be about the only time I ever link to anything containing the word "Indy" (unless it's about that automobile race in Queensland).

To explain my own way; I took Sharon with me to see them play at Rod Laver Arena last Tuesday night. She doesn't really like Coldplay that much (for musical reasons, nothing to do with fashion), yet she found it "entertaining".

There's Coldplay's problem right there. They're supposed to entertain, so they do. Instead they should curse a lot, abuse their public status, carry on angrily about global warming, George W and Palestine, or be brazenly homosexual. Then they'd be "fashionable".

They met at a university where they were studying not arts or philosophy, but useful things like commerce and finance and classical music. They formed a band and made music which people actually like but won't admit it out of fear of being considered uncool.

So there you go. I don't mind the entertainment industry. As long as they entertain.


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