Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I won't even attempt to summon any sarcasm or wit here. We knew it would be bad last Saturday when it was 45 deg and blowing a gale. But nobody mentioned a death toll until late Sunday, and then it was relentless. 25-50-70-"probably over 100"- 130...

Now as I write it's probably over 300 people dead. Including entire families. It's utterly, utterly awful and impossible to feel detached. Although I admire the pragmatism of the writer in this article here. An interesting take and good background if you live in a bushy area.

One survivor said they estimated the fire was ten kilometres away as they decided to stay. It was upon them in less than two minutes. The worst fronts at Kinglake and Marysville moved at 130km/h. They are (were) lovely areas. Nothing but bush.

If you find a reputable outlet taking donations, please give as much as you can. Cheers.


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