Monday, September 05, 2005

Nothing can stop us now...HAHAHAHAHAAA !!

Except, that is, for Chicken Pox.

That's correct. 9 years since we last travelled, 12 months in the making and the fortnight before our much- touted o'seas adventure a kiddie gets chicken pox. And whaddaya know, I never had it. Impeccable timing. I may yet make it Germany, I may even spend the entire time in quarantine.

A very artistic B&W of Naomi with chicken pox. Actual red spots not pictured

It's a pity that, now we have a you-beaut digicam at long last, we can't post a more enjoyable photo. Mind you, our luverly daughter still makes for a nice picky even when she is afflicted with a plague.
Of course I was all excited at the prospect of bombarding you all with tons of family photos. But, Sharon insisted on a camera that could take a picture where you can read the serial number on the cargo door handle of a Boeing 747 flying overhead at 36,000 feet. And, even my super dooper broadband struggles to quickly upload photos of 5 gazillion megapixels. To illustrate- below, is a picture of a flower.

This flower is actually the size of a thumbnail. In the full size photo you can not only see the ant crawling inside, but see that it has a rash on his middle left leg, caused by, no doubt, the stress of carrying too much shopping.

Or maybe he's just got a bout of bloody chicken pox.

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