Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Babies and Kings who act like babies

What would a self-indulgent blog like this be without a shameless plug for a friend's baby birth.

Congratulations to Andrew and Cherie, not only for successfully giving birth (Cherie that is) to little Noah, but for having a baby with such an impressive amount of hair.

Is he winking....already?

A baby brother for Tahlie, or "Talia" as she is often incorrectly called by many. Well, by some.

Well, okay, just by me.

On the Atherton front not much to report except we are still extremely excited about our impending overseas trip. The excitement level has not fluctuated much, it was already pretty high to begin with (the only way is down I guess) but if there are any variations, no matter how trivial, you can be sure to read about it here. We're into trivialities here.

I have managed to plan the first two weeks from Frankfurt to Munich. It will kick off with some exciting rev-head related stuff, the details of which I will not bore you with here, then a romantic cruise on the Rhine to make up for it. Then we visit the forests named after Sharon's maiden name.

Then, we'll check out some fairy tale castles including one where Richard Wagner (1813-1883) played after being rescued from angry creditors by the fruitcake King Ludwig II.

Loony Ludwig (who was obviously neglected by his mum and dad) built an entire castle inspired by one of Wagner's operas, but never paid his builders so they all went on strike and he died before it was finished. Rumour has it, his psychiatrist murdered him when he finally got sick of all the whingeing. There are, however, other theories as to how he met his mysterious end in January 1886-

What really happened to young King Looney Ludwig II

Apparently the authorities opened Neuschwanstein Schloss to the public to pay for Ludwig's extravagent entertainment expenses. So, when we visit I am kinda hoping the entry fee won't be measured in 1880's reich currency, adjusted for inflation.

Where was I? Oh yeah, then, it seems we hit Munich right in the middle of some thing called "Oktoberfest". I was told that it is some kind of mass-beer-drinking ritual. I am extremely scared. Hopefully we can negotiate our way through the millions of drunk tourists and just look at some nice castles with big frescos (yes, they have them in Germany too) or some car making factory.

Coming up soon is our local trade show. I will be very busy, but I do plan on making a bold and brief trip to Adelaide sometime soon- just me and maybe one offspring. I'll keep y'all posted.

The only other news is that I have done a painting. It's one of many, but the most noteworthy thing about this particular one, is that it is actually finished. The dozens of others I start in a blaze of imagination and inspiration then throw in the corner and neglect in a fit of precious, arty, spontaneous, totally unneccessary rage. Don't expect me to describe it, I don't wanna talk it up.

Very soon we will possess a digital camera so expect this blog to totally go OFF.

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Paddy said...

Great blog, love it. The writer is an absolute genius and if there is any justice in the world he will be picked up by a major publisher. In what, exactly, is the question...