Monday, January 11, 2010

Bruce Wayne had a garage sale

I've been warned that I'm getting way too serious about my politics.

It's true. So, I thought I'd try my hand at poetry.


Bruce Wayne had a garage sale
His toys they had to go
Alfred got the Batmobile
Catwoman, the Lambo

His black and sleek marine machine
Went to an eco-clown
Bruce, ever the capitalist
He wished they'd all just drown

The hippy moonbats hit the sea
Off to the whale’s defence
With hope, and hemp, and attitude,
But not a boat licence.

They tangled with the Japanese
Set off an awful row
You’d think they’d learn some manners
from Obama (he would bow).

Such courage from our eco-friends
At danger they would laugh
Until the big Shona Maru
Just cut them right in half

They shed tears to their lawyers
While floating in the blue
And there did Bruce Wayne’s wish
just about come true…


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