Monday, April 11, 2005

New House Update

This is the house it appears we are buying. The contract will include having lights and power installed in the garage, and the white 1986 Mitsubishi Magna in the driveway. Phwoar!!

Crazy? Financially insane? We think so...
Tuesday April 12th 2005

Okay, for a start I don't know why the post date on this blog shows a day early, just ignore it.
We are buying a house. Although the contract is not yet written I have already begun asking, what...are we nuts?? We already have one!! What have I done?? Can we afford it?? What's the point if we move back to Adelaide in three years or so? WIll the resale value cover the exorbitant, criminal, convict-born Victorian Government stamp duty?? These are all good questions, really. And I'm sure there are legitimate answers for all of them. But I have no intention of answering them because I am quite happy being dillusional. And besides, there's this little voice inside my head repeating, over and over again...

kill them...kill them all..

no wait, not that one...this one

it's got FIVE BEDROOMS!! (whispering now)..and yours is up the other end of the house to the kids'. Just think of the solitude...mmm...solitude

Plus it means that we can paint stuff and hang pictures on the wall. Heck, we can knock the darn things down if we flippin' well want to!! Yep, I'd gladly double my weekly cost of living expenses just to be able to drill a small hole and hang one of my yet-to-be- (or probably never will be) completed masterpieces.

This place even has a storage shed out the back. It looks reasonably weather proof with a concrete floor and lights and power. That means I can set up my oversized, impractical easel (that I built myself from broken bits of pallets and warehouse leftovers) and have a kind of studio. Ripper. Now I'm setting myself up for even more failure!!

And, to top it all of, having our own place means we can do little renovation or improvement projects on the weekends, instead of sitting around watching telly. Wait a sec...

What...are we nuts?? What have I done?? Can we afford it?? etc...